If You're Happy and You Know It


Happiness seems to have faded from our vocabulary amid the global pandemic, economic turmoil, systemic racism, political disaster, and the collective sense of doom and depression that is 2020. Which is why the opening of a new Happiness Museum in Denmark feels like the most optimistic story of the year. The debut of the world’s first Happiness Museum happened on July 14th in Copenhagen’s historic center building. "We thought, there might not be a lot of guests these days, but the world does need a little bit more happiness", said museum founder Meik Wiking.  So, they set in place strict Covid-19 protocols, including a one-way traffic system and a cap of 50 guests , and opened their doors to the public.  As the Happiness Museum tries to share with its guests, “Happiness is a feeling that evolves and takes some nurturing both from society and from within”, said Wiking. “Work at it enough, and you'll be better equipped to find the silver linings in these stormy days.” Leave it to the Danish to try to bring some light to what has become such a dark year. I think we need one of these smack in the middle of Time Square and bring some smiling faces back even if its for just a minute…


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Movin' on Up


Advancing your career may be easier than you think during these very unique times. With most off everyone's social life on hold, now is a better time than ever to focus on career growth. “It can be challenging to find time to work on your career while you’re working on the job,” said Val Olson, a career adviser at Korn Ferry Advance. “Your summer vacation may be an ideal time to focus on your career without any competing demands.” Some of the tips they gave were to meet with a career coach, conduct informational interviews, show some gratitude for your current employer, and clean up your social media account. Yes, it might be time to get rid of those pictures from senior year spring break in Miami. The job market is about a challenging as possible these days, with more and more workers losing their job every day. Being pro-active might be a smart move to keep your future bright. So clean up that LinkedIn profile and go shopping for some new work clothes, it's time to "Move on up…".

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Jurassic Park


Finding fossil footprints at the Grand Canyon isn't that unusual. The huge stretch of red rock is home to many different rock formations containing preserved remains of the past.But a recent discovery made by a geology professor from Norway turned out to be a much bigger deal than he could have imagined. Geologist Allan Krill stumbled upon the oldest vertebrate fossil tracks ever found at Grand Canyon National Park. A mere 313 million years old!"They are among the oldest tracks on Earth, and the earliest evidence of vertebrate animals walking in sand dunes" said Krill. The most ironic part of the story is that these tracks would have never been found if it wasn't for a massive cliff that had recently collapsed in the park. Scientists said the footprints show two separate animals, most likely reptiles, passing on the slope of a sand dune. What an exciting discovery for these scientists. I'm sure that the significance of the find will surely attract some visitors to the already amazing park. I know I've always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon and this gives me one more reason to make a visit. I guess I should start breaking in those hiking boots…

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