It's time.

November 12, 2018 | MaryBeth Hollywood

The fall is alive with flavor and personality.  Introducing that first flannel shirt sitting around that desired fire pit, which didn't see one spark of a match over the hot summer nights.  Admit it, as much as we LOVE to think of roasting marshmallows and hot dogs over an open flame, who wants to do it when the heat index is over 85 even after the sun goes down?  So, fall comes and it is time.  It is time to embrace the sun going down before leaving work, to embrace the wrapping of that scarf you tucked away once the spring air become saturated with summer humidity and finally, to embrace the chilly nights outside with a perfect blanket, a few logs on the fire and the ever awaited fixins to make the perfect S'MORE.

Young or old, sweet tooth or not, I don't believe there is anyone out there that can resist the building of a s'more.  It is an experience.  An adventure.  And, oh yes, a challenge.  The best of us sit there and look across the flames at who has the better foraged stick (long, sturdy and well, wiped perfectly clean).  We all cannot help but glance over and see who is roasting theirs just a bit tooooo much and about to reach the point of no return.  In other words: CHARRED.  We giggle to ourselves when someone's eagerness takes over and they drive that sweet sugar goodness on a stick right into the flame only for it to melt and fall victim to the ashes below.  But finally, yes, someone has a good one - perfect carmelization throughout, good heat, and ready to layer: graham cracker, chocolate, toasty marshmallow, graham cracker - SQUEEZE.  Then, we turn and say, 'ok, who wants this?'

It's not easy people, it is a science.

Listen up.  Competition aside (and yes, I do make the perfect s'more), it is the thing to do in the fall.  And, keep it simple, people.  No need to go all gourmet on us with your pumpkin spiced marshmallows or your mocha caramel chocolate and cinnamon graham crackers.  Hershey, Kraft and Nabisco.  And a good time. 

Throw in a few good Oktoberfests and you'll have yourself an even better time.