The Fifth of May & Taco Tuesday

taco tuesday

In a match that could only truly be made in heaven, the celebration of all things Mexican (Cinco de mayo) fell on what has become an American weeknight dinner obsession "Taco Tuesday" last night. I mean how perfect of a combination. The planets were finally aligned. Of course I took the time to google "Cinco de Mayo" for some possible fun facts, when to my surprise I found what I thought should have been headline news the whole time. Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) is in fact NOT Mexican Independence Day. That would be September 16th. Which is a Wednesday this year. This was news to me. Cinco de Mayo began as a local holiday in Pueblo, the food capital of Mexico, celebrating a small local militias' victory over the French army in 1861. Who knew? All I have to say is the carne asada and roasted cauliflower and jalapeno tacos I had last night were most definitely worthy of a celebration.

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Parks and Recreation


Wow! What a beautiful weekend! To piggy back off of the incredibly successful "Parks and Recreation" reunion on Thursday night, raising almost 4 million dollars for the food bank charity Feeding America, residents of the tri-state took to the outdoors this weekend for some well needed fresh air. The parks and streets were filled with mask wearing social distancers looking to take advantage of the amazing weather and temperatures reaching the high 70s. It was a well needed boost of positive energy for those who have been cooped up in their homes and apartments, especially those parents of young children, for the past couple weeks. Hopefully "Spring has Sprung" and we can start progressing out of the quarantine into better times. So unpack that sunscreen and get ready for the warmer weather to come…

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Mask Fashion


Leave it to Disney to turn an extremely difficult situation into a way for kids to have some fun. Disney plans to release reusable cloth masks featuring classic Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars characters with parts of the proceeds going to various charities. Being father of 2 this really strikes a chord. Any way we can make these children more comfortable and happy during these "strange days" is nothing but a positive. Like it or not, masks have become our new reality and why not let the kids have some fun with it. So be on the look-out for a few more Captain Americas, Princess Jasmines, and Incredible Hulks out there staying safe.

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