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During the 202 MLB Draft last week, the New York Mets picked a true diamond in the rough. On last Thursday evening, a feel good story began to surface from baseball's annual event. The New York Mets selected pitcher Eric Orze during the fifth round of the draft. And yes, he is a pitcher and two-time cancer survivor. Eric was a right-handed pitcher for the University of New Orleans. Eric battled both testicular and skin cancer during his college career. He missed part of the 2018 season and all of 2019 to recover from his illnesses. Even while in recovery Eric continued to persevere and prove his baseball skills. According to the press down in New Orleans, Eric was surrounded by family and friends Thursday night when he learned the news that he was being drafted. What a moment this must have been for him and his family. In a time where it seems like the news is flooded with negativity, its feel good stories like this that can brighten the day. As a HUGE Mets fan it makes me very proud to see my team take a chance on a survivor like Eric. Good Luck to Eric and we all hope to see him pitching at City Field soon.

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A Day for Dads


With only 5 shopping days left till father's day, and the corona virus still clamping down on much of the shopping malls across the country leave it to Shaq to help out with your on-line shopping experience. Yes, like Shaq the basketball hall of famer. Shaq has teamed up with "E!" to publish a quick on-line shopping guide for all of you on-line gift givers. "I'm low maintenance, so getting to spend the day with my kids is plenty," Shaq shared with E! News exclusively. "However, if your dad has certainhobbies and interests, I'd try to involve them in some way. You can't go wrong there!" When it comes to Shaq, he used his love for fashion and technology to suggest some amazing gifts you may not have thought of. From basic dress shirts and casual suits, to portable security cameras and an Amazon Kindle, Shaq's pics seem to be on point for gift buyers of ages and budgets. So before you fire up the grill and crack those beers for good old dad on Sunday, take some advice from Shaq and forget that tie you gotten Dad for the last 10 years and buy him something he will really enjoy. You know he deserves it..

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The Great Outdoors


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The Great Outdoors

2020 is unlike any other year in our lifetimes. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, it seems like every travel-related decision comes with some sort of risk. Weather its dining in a restaurant, purchasing a plane ticket, or booking a hotel, all aspects of travel and hospitality decisions require some sort of stressful choices these days. In the early stages of the pandemic, less was known about the transmission of Covid-19. As a result, people canceled or postponed trips as the country entered full lockdown mode. As the country slowly re-opens, camping has become the low-risk vacation of choice. Many have flocked to state and national parks for some fresh air and "R & R". Camping gives travelers the opportunity to socially distance while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors, reducing the opportunity of catching the virus exponentially. This seems like a real opportunity for those who might have never considered a camping trip to break out of the quarantine and experience something brand new. I have never had a bad experience camping, just don't forget the S'mores….

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