The Cooking School has always been a platform to explore food, culinary and nutrition literacy that will positively impact your food choices and experiences. As we introduce our catalog of virtual events, discussions, and in-person classes, we will continue to expand your knowledge of the culinary world with daily classes and team building events.


The UBS Cooking School Team is extremely excited to share with you the third edition of the UBS Cooking School Cookbook, Keys to the Kitchen.

Our talented culinary team compiled a variety of recipes that are both easy to execute, and of course, easy to enjoy.

Third Edition

Second Edition

First Edition

Bon appetite!

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What do I need?

Any computer device you can easily move: laptop, Ipad, mobile phone.

How are the classes set up?

The classes are filmed onsite in our Lincoln Harbor Cooking School. The chef will work together with you in pace with the class.

How do I join a daily class?

Click below to see information on our daily classes. Sign up easily through EVENTBRITE.


The classes are of no cost, however the shopping cart is up to you!

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