As our working environment has changed from office to home, we have to recreate how our teams and clients connect. 

Join us, virtually, in our Lincoln Harbor Cooking School to build teamwork, trust, and creativity.......and  more importantly, from the comfort of our own home.

Email us to find out how we can make your team connect and be together from their very own kitchen ...around the globe!

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What do I need?

Any computer device you can easily move: laptop, Ipad, mobile phone. A working area – kitchen --- with a stove. Each 90-120 minute event is a private Skype session so attendees are free to ask any questions and mingle with each other. You can even just observe and cook on your own at a later time!

How are the classes set up?

The culinary team will be working in our cooking school kitchen together with you, in pace with the class. That said, we ask everyone’s patience in navigating through the virtual platform.

How do I set up a team virtual event?

Submit an inquiry below.

 Once the event is decided we will send the recipe, a detailed list of ingredients and equipment needed, but again – the idea behind the classes are to use what we have!

How to prepare?

Prior to your event, you will receive the recipe and shopping list so you are ready to hit the ground (or chopping block) running.


The classes are of no cost, however the shopping cart is up to you! 

*enhancements are an additional cost directly to merchant

Even more!

Want to add a bit more to your event? 

Enhance your event with a gifted option from Scarborough & Tweed – click here to view the culinary catalog and to place an order

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The New Year is here!  Click below to submit a inquiry for a virtual event!