Mediterranean Eating

It seems as though every day a new diet is introduced. While many trendy diets lack evidence to support their claims, there are a few that have been proven effective to benefit health. The Mediterranean diet is one of them.

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Mindful Eating

Mindful eating means being conscious of what and why we eat. At its core, mindful eating is recognizing and honoring hunger and satiety cues, choosing enjoyable foods, and being present. Mindful eating helps you learn to listen to your body and get back in touch with the experience of eating and enjoying our food.

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Regenerative Agriculture

Modern day agriculture is facing critical challenges as a result of heavy tillage, monoculture farming and pesticide usage. These challenges are worsened by the changing climate making farms increasingly susceptible to floods, erosion, drought and diminished crop yields. The agriculture sector is currently one of the biggest emitters of CO2, losing topsoil and biodiversity at unsustainable rates, and farmers are facing declining profits.

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