Come down to the Café every Wednesday and Make Every Day Mediterranean at our Chefs Table. Our Chef's are creating menus based on cleaner and healthier eating. Every Wednesday throughout the month of March these dishes will be featured at the Chef's Table and throughout the Café.

Every Wednesday featured at the Chef's Table will be one of our very talented female Chef's. They will be adding their own creativity to the Make Every Day Mediterranean. Come down and enjoy one of their dishes.

Come down and enjoy Sabra's Famous Hummus with a twist. Our Chefs will be building dishes based on Sabra's hummus flavor profiles and you will not be disappointed. Stop at the Chef's Corner the week of March 2nd and get your hummus bowl.

The nutritional benefits of an avocado are no secret. Avocado's are a nutrient dense fruit that contain 20 different vitamins and minerals. The many benefits of avocado's include; a better heart, better digestive health, healthier skin, cancer prevention, weight loss, etc. Come to the Café and enjoy Avocado's from Mexico.