May is Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month. The diverse Asian American and Pacific Islander American population includes members of more than 30 ethnic groups who speak more than 300 languages and dialects. AAPI Month is a time to honor the contributions, heritage, and traditions of each country's culture. Be sure to stop by the cafe on Wednesdays as we highlight a specific country throughout the month!

Be sure to join us as we highlight this popular favorite with twists on classic blends throughout the month. With recipes like pineapple-habanero, roasted vegetables, watermelon and 'Start of Summer' salsas, we're bringing sweet heat and juicy flavors to you all month!

Need an afternoon pick-me-up or just a few minutes to stretch?  Join us in the cafe for the all new FLAVOR BURSTS from 2pm - 4pm with seasonally-inspired snack and beverage items.  This May we are featuring unique flavors in honor of Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month!  Be sure to stop by and see what we are offering this week!

Be sure stop by at the Café festival table every Thursday this month for a variety of chili-inspired dishes!

Chilis are members of the Capsicum family. Did you know that members of the Capsicum family include a variety of peppers that exhibit different levels of spiciness based on the amount of capsaicin they contain?

Did you know that pickled vegetables can help prevent digestive problem, ulcers and muscle cramps? As the new season rolls around, we're offering "Spring Pickles" to include seasonal market vegetables pickled in a variety of brines. Look for them pre-cupped in our Grab and Go refrigerators.

Join us every Monday in the cafe as we serve our signature salad & sandwich inspired by the month's food festival!

Signature Sandwich:morel mushroom dusted amish chicken breast, grilled asparagus, smashed minted green peas, hummus, early crop baby spinach, ciabatta roll

Signature Salad:Greek Bean Salad - gigante bean, marinated feta, tomatoes, cucumber, watermelon radish, french beans, organic greens, oregano vinaigrette