How Much Protein?

June 24, 2020 | Lauren Widawsky, RDN

Protein is a macronutrient that gets a lot of attention and it truly does deserve a standing ovation as it mainly functions as building blocks for cells and muscles. While protein does play many critical roles in the body, there seems to be some confusion on how much of it we really need. Yes, there are variables such as medical complications or activity levels that differentiate an individual's requirements but on average, healthy Americans are consuming significantly more than the body requires. This is a result of high meat consumption.

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Try Some Blueberries and Basil!

June 22, 2020 | Lauren Widawsky, RDN

Blueberry Basil Salsa

As we continue to embrace berries as the superfood of the month, check out this healthy Blueberry Basil Salsa recipe…

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Plastic Waste

June 19, 2020 | Lauren Widawsky, RDN
“There is no such thing as “away.” When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.” Annie Leonard

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