restaurant associate

All of your fresh, seasonal meals are made in-house daily by Restaurant Associates. Based in New York City, Restaurant Associates is recognized as the nation's premier hospitality company, operating over 160 prestigious locations, which spans over a variety of industries. Over the years, we have won numerous awards and accolades due to our inventive, yet relatable menus and talented staff.

Our commitment to upscale corporate dining has paved the way to develop successful and tasty culinary programs. We emphasize local food festivals, seasonal ingredients and forward-thinking culinary trends to enhance our menus and consistently surprise your palate. Acknowledging the importance of nutrition and well balanced meals, we consult with numerous nutritionists and dietitians when creating unprecedented menus for your dining pleasure.

We pride ourselves on the use of farm-fresh, local and sustainable ingredients and years of fine-tuned culinary experience. We focus on delivering hospitality excellence to you, our premier clients. When dining in one of our locations, you can be assured that what you're eating is thoughtfully made and produced fresh daily.


We source seasonal ingredients from farms in New York like Yorkmont Farm, and New Jersey's Hepworth Farms. We believe in a relationship with local farmers, not only to ensure you enjoy foods' flavors at their peak but, also because we believe in supporting campaigns that reward the efforts of farmers and laborers.​

At Restaurant Associates we recognize that sourcing local simply isn't enough. We source proteins from suppliers that promote humane welfare of farm animals and foods that are produced with minimal use or free of chemicals and antibiotics. We purchase our seafood from a sustainable supply chain and strive to reduce the eco-footprint of our foodservice operations by practicing sustainable cooking and waste methods.​

With a talented culinary team led by our NEW Regional Executive Chef, John Nunziata as well as Lincoln Harbor's Executive Chef, Christopher Metzler and 1285 Executive Chef Dariusz Naltner of our food is made just for you with thought, care and passion.​

Bon Appetit!