We value fresh, local ingredients and years of fine-tuned culinary expertise. With a newfound focus on safety and delivering hospitality excellence to premier clients, you can be assured that our dedicated catering team will go above and beyond to meet your meeting needs.

We source seasonal ingredients from local farms when possible, purchase artisanal meats, incorporate sustainable seafood, free-range chicken and cage-free eggs into our menus in an effort to help reduce our environmental impact.​

Our staff is passionate about what they do, which translates to exceptional service.

To view our 1285 and Lincoln Harbor catering menu please click here.

To view our Roof Terrace at 1285 catering menu please click here.

To view our tennis court at Lincoln Harbor catering menu please click here.

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If you have a food allergy, please notify us


Communal room bookings in LH and 1285 can be submitted to goto/meeting-reservation.

New York: david-za.wagner@ubs.com

New Jersey: isa.altamirano@ubs.com

Catering must be finalized by 12PM the day before the event. Evening receptions must be finalized 48-hours prior to the event. Your order is not confirmed until you receive an email confirmation.

To learn more about our Private Dining Experiences in 1285, please email david-za.wagner@ubs.com